Jayden Fernandez

Juliana Fernandez

About Team Fernandez

Hello! We are Fernandez Racing! Racing is deeply rooted in the Fernandez family. Alan Fernandez starting racing motorcycles at the young age 15 in his home state of California. He enjoyed racing with his friends on weekends and joined many local races here in Colorado.  After bringing home several wins and then two babies, the racing slowly came to an end in 2009. Alan still enjoys riding motorcycles with his family and friends and you may even see him enter a race here and there!  Today, he and wife Carolyn, are excited to see their children, Jayden and Juliana carry on his love for motorcycle racing.  How fortunate, both children have a natural gift for racing!  Today Jayden and Juliana are racing in several race series across the US including MotoAmerica, CVMA and MRA. They have traveled the country meeting motorcycle racers and trainers expanding their knowledge in racing in Italy and Spain.  We hope to continue racing motorcycles as long as the children enjoy it! We hope you follow along in our journey.  

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