Jayden Fernandez

Age: 16

Grade: 10th

Height: 5’9

Weight: 130 lbs

About Jayden

My name is Jayden Fernandez and I am 16 years old and have been a “A” student all throughout school. I am currently in the 10th grade and have a 4.0 GPA. My hobbies include motorcycle racing and riding, working out, mountain bike riding, playing golf and hanging out with my friends.

I started riding motorcycles at 3 years old in my backyard with my dad.  I fell in love with speed and the sport and started racing in 2019 when I was 12 years old. I won 3 championships in my first year of racing and was named “Rookie of the Year” by Rocky Mountain Mini Moto, a series in Denver, CO. I was hooked ever since and enjoy everything about racing still today!

The following year in 2020, I got a Honda NSF250R and starting riding and racing on big tracks all over the US. I won 4 more championships in the Rocky Mountain Mini Moto Series and the WERA West Series and placed 7th overall in the MotoAmerica Ohvale Mini Cup Series.

In 2021, I podiumed several more times at the national level in the MotoAmerica Ohvale Mini Cup Series, MRA, CVMA and WERA. I was featured in the Roadracing World Motorcycle magazine and was interviewed several times with MotoAmerica that was televised and blasted on social media. I was then selected by Red Bull Rookies Cup to come try out to be a Rookie, but it was cancelled due to COVID. I won 3rd place in the MotoAmerica Mini Cup 160 class and traveled to Spain where I represented the US with 2 other riders. I placed 15th in the World Series. I also placed 2nd overall in the MotoAmerica Ohvale Mini Cup 190 class. 

In 2022, I was selected to ride with the North American Talent Cup series on the Aprilia RS250SP2. I got to travel all over the US riding on big tracks including COTA with MotoGP!  I had a few podiums and finished 6th in the series. At the end of the NATC season I was invited to the Red Bull Rookies Cup tryouts once again in Modena, Italy. I learned a lot in Italy, and I hope to be invited back again in 2023.

In 2023, I rode the MotoAmerica Jr. Cup.  I was able to podium a few time and that made me vey happy. I was able to run with some of the best riders and learn from them too.  I placed 6th overall in the series.

This year I will ride the MotoAmerica Jr. Cup once again. I have learned so much last year and feel that I can do better this year. I am up for the challenge and I hope to podium many more times and clinch the championship!

2024 Schedule of Events

MotoAmerica Jr. Cup

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA April 19th-21st

Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, AL May 17th –19th

Road America in Plymouth, WI May 31st –June 2nd

Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, MN June 14th–16th

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, OH August 16th–18th

New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ September 27th–29th


Chuckwalla Raceway, October 7th–8th

Chuckwalla Raceway, November 18th–19th

Chuckwalla Raceway, December 16th–17th

Chuckwalla Raceway, January 20th–21st

Chuckwalla Raceway, February 10th–11th

Chuckwalla Raceway, March 16th–17th

Chuckwalla Raceway, April 6th–7th

2023 Season Results

What a year 2023 was! I went into this season looking to learn a ton in the MotoAmerica Jr. Cup and to improve my skills and I sure did just that! I finished the season with two podiums in my first year and I consistently ran up front, which was more than I expected and that helped boost my confidence. I finished in 6th place in the MotoAmerica Series.  I missed several races in the MRA series due to overlapping, but this was a great time to work on things such as, bike setup for MotoAmerica. I was still able to captured several 1st place wins and lap records. I finished the year racing with CVMA and that kept me pushing and learning, I even broke another lap record! Thank you to all the people who helped me along the way. I will go into 2024 with these new experiences and I will continue to learn and improve and I am excited to see what more I can accomplish next year!

MotoAmerica Jr. Cup, Race 6 at New Jersey

The last round of MotoAmerica was definitely one to remember. On Friday, I had to learn the NJMP track and was 8th in FP1 but was struggling with some issues with the setup. I felt reasonably good on the track but definitely felt like I needed more time on it. We did some suspension changes for Q1 and I knew going into it that the rest of the weekend would be rainy so this session would determine the grid. The bike felt better during the session but I struggled with the strategy with getting a tow and I finished 10th, setting me 10th on the grid for the races. I was definitely frustrated with that and didn’t know how the race would end up starting that far back. 

In Q2, I was able to get used to the rain conditions pretty well and was P7 in the session and was looking forward to the race. In race 1, I had a mediocre start and had to work my way through the pack but slowly I would gain and gain and pass the riders in front of me and would finish P2 from P10 on the grid. I was super happy that I could put it on the box for the second time this season and was looking forward to tomorrow to do it again. 
In warm up, I was P3 which added to my confidence for the race. In race 2, I had a much better start already being way closer to the front. I started to try and make progress forward but I kind of just stayed put. The guy in P5 and I were yo-yoing back and forth and I stayed put in 6th. I’m happy with how the weekend went and it was good to end the season with a podium and I am looking forward to what next season will bring!
Thank you for supporting me through this year!  It was definitely a fun one.

MotoAmerica Jr. Cup, Race 5 at Pittsburg International

It was a difficult weekend at Pittrace for the second to last round of MotoAmerica. Friday started off with me going down on my first flying lap of fp1 and losing out on the valuable track time. Then in Q1, I used the session as a replacement for fp1 and went out and was testing out the bike and gearing and settings and was P8. I was happy I bounced back from the crash pretty well and was looking forward to Q2. 
In Q2, I was able to find a tow and get down into the 57s and finished P4 in the session and qualified P5 overall. I had some minor front chatter issues and we made a change for the race. 
In race 1, I had a good jump but was passed multiple times on the first lap and couldn’t keep up with the front pack because the front chatter was so much worse than before. From then, I just kept dropping back farther and farther and ended up P10. I was frustrated with how the race ended up and so we made some changes to test for warm up the next day. 
In warm up, the changes didn’t affect the bike at all and the chatter was just as bad, we even made a change in the middle of warm up and I got to test it and no change. We had no clue what the problem was and finally found it out just before race 2.  My front wheel had a massive wobble and it was the reason for the chatter. We also noticed that I was on the spare wheel in Q2 that didn’t have a wobble and it was the reason I went so much better in Q2!
So for race 2, the bike was set and I had another good launch and was with the front group. They eventually started to pull away and I still thought that the other riders were right on me until I went wide into turn three and saw I had a gap on the riders behind me and I just gave it up. For the rest of the race I was stuck in the second group and I couldn’t make any progress in it, finishing P8. 
I was really disappointed with how the weekend went but it was just a tough weekend for me and that is just a part of racing. I know what I need to work on and we will be there in Jersey. I am looking forward to it!

MotoAmerica Jr. Cup, Race 4 at Brainerd International

1st podium of the season, I felt great and broke my windscreen out of excitement! I knew I could do it and I am looking forward to another podium soon! Thank you all for believing in me.
Our first podium in MotoAmerica Jr. Cup! I was working hard for it all weekend and I am glad I was able to make it happen!
On Friday, I had to learn the track in the first session and I really enjoyed the flow of the track and felt pretty good. I felt that I was a little off and I was surprised to be 4th place in the practice session, only 0.3 off second place’s time. I knew I had more in me and I was looking forward to Q1 but we chose not to go out because of the rainy and wet conditions. 
On Saturday, I had a plan for Q2 to get a tow from some other riders but that didn’t work out, so I had to do it on my own. I was running P1 for most of the session, until I was beat in the last lap by 0.03 by Rossi Moore. I was happy to qualify 2nd, with my first front row start and I knew I had a good chance for a podium. 
In Race 1, I had a good start and was leading into turn three and held it for a few laps but then started to battle other riders and the leader got away. I was trying for a podium until the last lap where I was shuffled back into the group and came across the line 5th. I was very frustrated with that finish because I knew I had a very solid podium chance but was making poor decisions and mistakes. I went and reviewed the race with a few of my friends and came up with a plan for the next day.
On Sunday, I was motivated and was P1 in warm up and was ready for the race and had a better plan this time. In race 2, I had another great start and stayed 2nd into turn 3. I kept finding myself leading the race multiple times and was trying my hardest to make a break but the group used the draft to catch back up. I was fighting as hard as I could to keep my podium position throughout the race and was able to keep it across the line. I was so excited about the podium, I smashed my windscreen on the cool down lap and did a ton of wheelies. 
I’m super happy with this weekend and we will learn from the races and try to keep getting podiums for the rest of the season. I want to thank my family, sponsors, and friends for supporting me along the way and look forward to more podiums in the future.

MotoAmerica Jr. Cup, Race 3 at Road America

This weekend was so far my best round of this MotoAmerica season! I started off getting p6 in practice and felt confident and comfortable on the track. In qualifying I was p7, my best qualifying of the year and only 0.2 off of the front two rows which was my goal. In race 1, I was up in the front pack for the whole race which has been a season goal and was even making moves and passes putting me into fourth for some time, but lost the rear coming out of the chicane on the last lap losing the leaders. The next morning I felt really good and was P2 in morning warm up and had a faster time than my qualifying time. 

In race 2 the pace increased and therefore my gearing became too short to pass in the draft. I couldn’t get close enough for a pass and was basically a sitting duck on the straights. But overall the best racing I’ve been apart of in a 12 rider group! We are so close to a top 5 and look forward to Brainerd to try and make it happen.

MotoAmerica Jr. Cup, Race 2 at Barber Motorsports Park

This past weekend at Barber was one of my best weekends yet. I felt like I got up to speed quickly and figured out many more important things. I was top ten for every session and was sitting in the top 5 for some time of the practice sessions. I would have qualified 9th or 10th on the grid for the race but our bike wasn’t legal. We had to swap engines, but I still did basically the same time giving me confidence that I could go fast and it’s not just the bike. 

Race 1 I had a great jump off the line from 11th on the grid and was in turn 1 in 6th position, I held with the front pack for a lap or two then my group got dicey and we lost the pack, I got scrambled around in the pack and finished a lonely 9th. 

Race 2, I wanted to get the same start and try and stay with the front guys for longer. I got another good jump like I wanted but got passed into turn 1 and 2 and kept getting shuffled back to eventually 15th. I put my head down and kept going and did my lap times earlier like I wanted to and caught up to the second group. I sat in the second group and was try to make moves and eventually felt like I had the pace to lead and pull away, so tried to make pass into turn 12 multiple times with one time being able to pass two riders into that corner. I was able to hold off the group for the last two laps and finished in 8th. 

I am super happy with two top ten finishes and look forward to Road America to try and keep with the front group again.

MRA, Race 1 at High Plains Raceway

Jayden felt great on the 400 today, he got some great starts and finished 1st in the 500 Supersport Class and 3rd in LightweightGP Class.
I have started to get better at my wheelies, really!

MotoAmerica Jr. Cup, Race 1 at Road Atlanta

Sponsor Dr. Walt Vogl with Rocky View Family Dental, Sponsor Mike Rinow with Inspection Specialties, friend Justin Behmer with Behmer Racing, me and my dad, Alan.
Road Atlanta Race Track

Race Report: Round 1 at MotoAmerica, Road Atlanta.

Round 1 in the Jr. Cup went well at Road Atlanta. It was fun to be back in the paddock and see my friends I haven’t seen for a while. For FP1, my main goal was to go out with the group, but I left the pit too late and the group was already gone by the time I got to the track exit. I spent the rest of the practice trying to follow and to get a feeling for the track and the new bike. I struggled to find a tow and I tried to keep up with the other riders, but it was definitely a lot harder to follow them this year.

For Q1, I got to the exit in time for the group and went out with the front guys. I had a shifting issue going into turn 6 making me lose the group, but later found a smaller tow and tried to capitalize on that. For Q2, I did not go out because it was raining, and we didn’t want to set up the bike again.  I qualified P9.

For race 1, I had a decent start but lost the front group and was battling with 2 other riders for 7th place. I didn’t realize that there were actually 7-8 riders in the group until the last two laps when I was passed for 7th into 12th. I was frustrated and finished 12th. I learned a lot from that race and had some of the most fun I’ve had on this bike and in this race in a long time! I tried to take what I learned from race 1 into race 2 and be a little more thoughtful in my actions.

Race 2 ended up almost the same way as race 1, with me leading the mid group for most of the time then losing positions on the last few laps. I was frustrated with my placements because I was in the top ten for most of the race until the last laps. I finished 12th again.

I have learned and I am learning a lot about race craft and being smarter on the bike and will use this information for the next round in barber.  I am excited to see what I can do in round 2.

2022 Season Results

North American Talent Cup

This year, I was selected to ride with the North American Talent Cup series on the Aprilia RS250SP2. I got to travel all over the US riding on big tracks including COTA with MotoGP,  Barber and The Ridge with MotoAmerica, and at my home track, High Plains Raceway where I placed 3rd!  I met several pro riders along the way who were able to give me advice and cheer me on! I had a great time along the way as I traveled with my sister and family and got to catch up with my friends who love to ride too.  I ended up finishing 6th in the series after a DNF and a DNS that I was not expecting at The Ridge. At the end of the NATC season, I was invited to the Red Bull Rookies Cup tryouts in Modena, Italy.  I traveled to Italy with my dad and I learned so much about that series and about other riders my age across the world.  I did not make it this year but I learned a lot about my confidence and riding skills, and I hope to be invited back again in 2023.

A few of our 2022 sponsors with Jayden and the Team

Thank you to our Platinum sponsor Mike Rinow with Inspections Specialties Inc of Denver, CO for sponsoring our team this year.  Mike was able to come out and show his support to Jayden (and Juliana) at several races this year and we appreciated it so very much!  Thank you Mike, for your commitment and dedication to the team, and to Jayden and Juliana. We are so grateful for you.

To learn more about Inspection Specialties Inc visit their website at https://www.isidenver.net/

Glenn with High Plains Raceway
Jimmy Westover with Back 2 Movement
Bobby Lou with Motorev

Jayden's 2023 Journey with NATC

The battles between the riders was one of the best experiences, riding close enough to just battle it out for the win.

Red Bull Rookies Cup, Modena, Italy

Training in Barcelona, Spain

This is my coach Aleix Santacreu, a professional trainer in Spain and my friend Alex Enriquez. We had a great time and I learned so much. Hope to go back soon!
My dad with Ed Enriquez (my buddy Alex's dad) and Carlos Checa Carrera; former Worldsbk Champion and Motogp rider.
It was great to catch up with Sean Dylan Kelly (SDK) (Moto2 World Championship rider, MotoAmerica Supersport Champion) and Aleix Cotoli; (2X runner up RedBull Motogp Rookies Cup, Moto3 and ESBK Superbikes rider) and get some mountain biking in.

Training, Coaching, Riding with Toni Elias

2021 Season Results

          MotoAmerica Ohvale Mini Cup Series

Road America – June 12, 2021

190 Class: Race 1 – 2nd Place, Race 2 – 4th Place

160 Class: Race 1 – 6th Place, Race 2 – 4th Place

The Ridge – June 26, 2021

190 Class: Race 1 – 6th Place, Race 2 – 2nd Place

160 Class: Race 1 – 3rd Place, Race 2 – 2nd Place

Pittsburgh International Race Complex – August 14, 2021

190 Class: Race 1 – 2nd Place, Race 2 – 6th Place

160 Class: Race 1 – 6th Place, Race 2 – 8th Place

Barber Motorsports Park – September 18, 2021

190 Class: Race 1 – 1st Place, Race 2 – 3rd Place

160 Class: Race 1 – 4th Place, Race 2 – 3rd Place

                                   WERA West Division Series

Auto Club Speedway – January 24th


Las Vegas Motor Speedway – February 27-28th

Clubman Expert: Day 1 – 1st Place, Day 2 – 2nd Place                   

D Superbike Expert: Day 1 – 1st Place, Day 2 – 1st Place   

Formula 2 Expert: Day 1 – 1st Place, Day 2 – 2nd Place

Willow Springs Raceway – June 12, 2021

Missed for MotoAmerica

Buttonwillow Raceway – August 14, 2021

Missed for MotoAmerica

Las Vegas Motor Speedway – September 18, 2021

Missed for MotoAmerica

Las Vegas Motor Speedway – October 9, 2021 – Missed

Willow Springs Raceway – November 20, 2021
Miss for FIM World Series in Valencia, Spain

                              MRA Series

HPR – May 8th-9th

Lightweight Endurance – 2nd Place

Lightweight Grand Prix – 3rd Place

PPIR – June 5th-6th

Formula Colorado – 3rd Place

Lightweight Endurance – DNF

Lightweight Grand Prix – 2nd Place

SuperTwins GTU – 1st Place

HPR – June 26th – 27th 

Missed for MotoAmerica

HPR – July 17-18th

Lightweight Grand Prix – 3rd Place

SuperTwins GTU – 2nd Place

Formula Colorado – 1st Place  

PPIR – Aug 7th-8th 

Lightweight Grad Prix – 3rd Place

Lightweight Endurance – 2nd Place

SuperTwins GTU – 2nd Place

Amateur Premier – 4th Place

Formula Colorado – 1st Place

HPR – Aug 28th-29th

Lightweight GP – 2nd Place

Lightweight Endurance – 3rd Place

SuperTwins GTU – 2nd Place

Formula Colorado – 1st Place

HRP – September, 24, 2021


Grand Junction 2021

Rocky Mountain Mini Moto Series

IMI – April 25, 2021

F3/F4: Race 1 – 1st Place, Race 2 – 1st Place

F5: Race 1 – 7th Place, Race 2 – 4th Place

Grand Junction – May 16, 2021

F3/F4 – Race 1 – 1st Place, Race 2 – 1st Place

F5 – Race 1 – 1st Place, Race 2 – 1st Place

IMI – June 13, 2021

Missed for MotoAmerica.

Action Carting Bandimere – July 11, 2021

Missed for training

SBR – August 18, 2021  

Missed for training

IMI – August 22, 2021

F3/F4 – Race 1 – 1st Place, Race 2 – 1st Place

F5 – Race 1 – 1st Place, Race 2 – 1st Place

SBR – September 19, 2021 

Missed for MotoAmerica

Grand Junction – October 3, 2021  Cancelled

Colorado Flat Track and Speedway Series                              

IMI – May 1, 2021

80 -150 Class – 1st place

125-250 Class – 3rd Place

IMI – May 15, 2021

Missed for MRA

IMI – May 29, 2021

80-150 Class – 1st Place

125-250 Class – 2nd Place

IMI – June 12, 2021 

Missed for MotoAmerica.

IMI – June 26,2021

Missed for MotoAmerica.

IMI – July 10, 2021

Missed for MRA

IMI – July 24, 2021 

80-150 Class – 2nd Place

125-250 Class – 2nd Place

IMI – August 28, 2021 

Missed for MRA

IMI – September 11, 2021 – 

IMI – September 25, 2021 –

IMI – October 2, 2021 –

2020 Season Results

Moto America Ohvale Mini Cup Series

  •   160 Class – 7th Place Overall
  •   190 Class – 7th Place Overall

Rocky Mountain Mini Moto

  •   Formula 3 Class Champion
  •   Formula 5 Class Champion


  • Clubman Novice – 1st Place Champion
  • Superbike D Novice-1st Place Champion
  • Formula 2 Novice- 2nd Place Champion
  • Minis 80’s Class – 3rd Place Champion

 WERA/AMA Grand National’s at Barber Motor Sports Park

  • 1 1st Place Finish
  • 5 2nd Place Finishes
  • 2 3rd Place Finishes


  • Formula 5 – (1) 1st Place
  • Formula 2 Novice –(3) 3rd Place
  • LW Twins Novice– (2) 4th Place,(1) 5th Place
  • HW Twins Novice – (1)1st Place,(1) 2nd Place
  • D Superbike Novice – (1) 2nd Place

2019 Season Results

Mini Moto Series

  • Rookie of the Year – Rocky Mountain Mini Moto
  • Champion – Rocky Mountain Mini Moto Jr. 50 Class
  • Champion – Rocky Mountain Mini Moto Formula 1 Class
  • 6th Place – Rocky Mountain Mini Moto Formula 3 Class
  • 1st Place – Moto B, Horse Thief Mile Track, Willow Springs, CA
  • 1st Place – Open GP, Horse Thief Mile Track, Willow Springs, CA
  • 2nd Place – 65 GP, Horse Thief Mile Track, Willow Springs, CA
  • 30 – 1st Place Finishes
  • 8 – 2nd Place Finishes

Flat Track Series

  • Champion – Mini Bike 60 Colorado Speedway & Flat Track
  • 80 – 150 Colorado Speedway & Flat Track – (3) 2nd Place, (3) 3rd Place, and (1) 4th Place finish
  • Stockton, KS Half Mile Flat Track: 65 & 80’s Class – (1) 4th Place, (2) 5th Place, (1) 6th Place
  • 8 – 1st Place Finishes
  • 4 – 2nd Place Finishes
  • 3 – 3rd Place Finishes
  • 2 – 4th Place Finishes
  • 2 – 5th Place Finishes
  • 1 – 6th Place Finish